Physio and training update.


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PHYSIO UPDATE: If i continue with my rehab exercises i can start to jog in 3 weeks. Then the hard work will really start. I have to learn how to run properly this time. Not going to be easy

Diet: Yes, this is going well. I acknowledge the amount of exercise i have done, and if need be, i can increase my calorie intake, but i am definitely trying not to eat any more than i really need to. I have lost 1/2 stone already, but now i have to keep on loosing weight. 1 stone to go by January.

Training and life: I have had a fab week.
I enjoyed the challenge of saturday morning swim training, trying to complete the lengths set in the time. Really have to clean up the entry of my hand into the water.
Cycled through woods, along disused railway paths and beside a canal. Lovely scenery and the weather today was so much better than yesterday.
The cafe was really busy on our bike ride, but at 11am we were silent to remember those who fell in their today, so we could have freedom in our today and tomorrow.
I could not even begin to understand what the soldiers then, AND TODAY, must have felt. To think of someone loosing their life at 10.55am, knowing the war would end at 11am. All so cruel. I give thanks to them all and will wear my poppy bracelet for those who fell.


Yesterday (good), today (good) and tomorrow (?)


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Fab day yesterday and today, so let’s hope tomorrow will be ok!

I did my swim trials yesterday, and I think I did GOOD for me.

Today I watched Yorkshire U18 play rugby AND my daughter scored her first TRY for them. It was a proud moment.

I found it hard to put the day aside to watch the matches. But I am so glad I did. Could you imagine how I would have felt missing that one.

I am on a high.

I have school tomorrow…..

I hope that it is as positive as today, and that I am glad I was there too!  WISH ME LUCK!!

Banana is my NEW chocolate


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I have, I am and i will no doubt ALWAYS will be a CHOCOHOLIC. The amount of money i must have spent on the stuff!! I have to admit that my portion size for chocolate is quite happily THREE bars in a row. NO not the little bars of a normal chocolate. Three actual chocolate products. How much would that cost. Between £1.50 and £2.

Well now think about bananas.
I have just bought 8 bananas for less than £1. I HAVE 8 portions of sweet, natural, unprocessed, munchable pieces of food that are satisfying, so will fill me up way before i get to the end of the bunch, and i have spent half the money
So as i said
Bananas are MY new chocolate, and so my new habit.



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I haven’t done my rehab, I am as stressed as can be and waves of sadness and panic flow over me. I’m in a very unsettled zone. I have to get a grip and do the rehab, otherwise my ironman WILL NOT happen!!!!
STEP 1. Joined weight watchers as a main effort to loose nearly 1.5 stone by January. Tall order, but has to be done.

STEP 2. Go for a bike ride tomorrow!

Possible excuses! And SOLUTIONS
1. Baby sitting 3.30am as daughter has gone to hospital with her partner. SOLUTION: do the bike ride whether tired or not, recover after on a high.
2. Rehab? JUST DO IT and stop wasting the physios time.
3. Worried about swim time trial next weekend. SOLUTION: just do it. Its the first one so its a marker of where I am now, not for the IRONMAN.
4. Don’t like my job and its causing me stress and worry. SOLUTION: talk to the relevant people who can help me form a fab application on the issues relevant to being a sports development officer. Also think about going part time with my current job and also look for other jobs, as the first one is a long shot!
5 I can’t sleep: SOLUTION: everywhere is beautifully warm and comfy. Baby may wake up anytime and then I will regret doing this blog, instead of sleeping
6 I DON’T want to do my job anymore. But I do need to plan for next half term though. SOLUTION: Plan one year each day, and do one job application too!

There, the world is put to right. I have the right to a balanced working/home life. NO ONE is going to make me work over 14hrs a day and STILL feel a failure.. I am going to get out of teaching until it returns to a more realistic job. I will miss the teaching loads. I love it.

Physio’s decision final……


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Ah ha. I didn’t reckon on being allowed to cycle, but not run. Kev (Physio) doesn’t reckon my core will be stable enough until December for running, leaving 7 months till the IRONMAN!

MISSION: Complete the rehab exercises twice a day AT LEAST!!!!  That way I may reach the required stability before December. I reckon a short mountain bike ride will do for my first outing, and the another decision is needed.


Total fitness membership v local council gym facilities:-  My two older girls can go to the gym on their own, but I cant pay the total fitness price for all of us. I could however join total fitness on my own and then train on my own, without my girls, whenever I fancied. If I joined the local council gyms I could train with them, but only at the council times.   OR I could join both!!!!!

Training plan: I must sort out my school life, so I can fit sleep, training and my family in without burning myself out. Surely my lesson planning should not take 4hrs a night!! (Marking, planning lessons, making resources, sorting out the SOW, marking exam papers, planning for extra study sesssions for pupils in year 11 ).

Physio dilemma


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Physio tomorrow!!!!

I have another Physio appointment tomorrow, and I really hope that after 5 weeks rest of running and cycling, that I might be able to start training again, bearing in mind that my Ironman is 9 months away.

If yes, then I must remember to take things slowly and not train for too long. I don’t want the injury aggravated!!!!!!

If NO, then I really don’t know what I can do, except think about selling my Ironman place and aim to do it the following season.

Diet is going well, but could be tighter. I think there are too many cups of hot chocolate.

MAKING TIME: is my next challenge. I am a secondary school teacher. We have meetings everyday after school which means I can only plan lessons when I get home. I end up working til 11ish every night. I have to work out how to work smarter!!!!!!

So this is where i am at….


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Hospital appointment. Never a good place to be.

I got weighed etc. 11st 8lbs with a BMI 29.2. It can only get better from here. Diet starts today. I will try my new strategy out of forming new habits. When i drive home i will constantly repeat Cuppa tea and exercise, rather than the usual (bread, butter, biscuits etc). The weight thing WAS a shock as i thought i weighed 11st 3lbs. I know theres not alot different, but enough. 

Next step:  Cuppa tea and exercise.  Would hot chocolate do instead as thats what i had. Come on lets get this right. I deserve to look after my body. Its going through the mill. I have cameras looking at me. Give everything a chance to be OK. 

Next big event:  hospital visit to examine my digestive track. What joy.

…and so my journey starts.


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I cant believe I am writing a BLOG about training for an IRONMAN!

Scary:  I am actually writing down my feelings for all to see. GULP!

Hopeful: Maybe by sharing my experiences, I may encourage others who find themselves in a similar position. Im not athletic. I am slow at running, cycling and swimming, but I can do them. In fact I love cycling. OK I am also 1.5 stone overweight. I hope I can write on here over the coming months that I have lost that weight, after months/years of trying. I have had food issues in the past (there I have said it) which hinder my progress. I am also showing signs of gluten intolerance, not good for me or the family.

Inquisitive:  What WILL happen over the next 9 months. No I am not going to have a baby. I am taking on the giant of an IRONwoMAN. Its not the best of starts either. I booked a place in August and ever since I have been on rehab with no running or cycling. Two major components of a triathlon. LOL

BUT you haven’t met me yet. I asked the physio that if my body was so bad, how did I manage a half IRONMAN last SEPTEMBER 2012.

His reply.  YOU must have had a lot of Motivation and Determination.

“If you really want something to happen you WILL make it happen, if you don’t, then you will find an excuse”.

I will now find out HOW motivated and determined I really can be.

SO…. Join me on my journey, and maybe join me on it. Share your adventures with me too. I need all the motivation I can get for the next 9 months. I will hopefully be able to push you on too. So book yourself onto something you really want to do. Something so big its unreal, and then BELIEVE in yourself to do it. You will have fun and tears throughout, goals will be met and surpassed. YOU and I WILL make it.